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Facial Hair Removal Made Easy

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How to use the R.E.M Spring®

R.E.M Spring® is a do-it-yourself facial hair removal system designed for women to use on the upper and lower lips, chin, cheek, and neck areas.

  1. Bend the R.E.M Spring® into an inverted U shape and place it against the area of skin where facial hair is to be removed.
  2. Twist the handles inwards and outwards in a continuous motion while moving the device up and down against the direction of hair growth. You will feel a slight tingling sensation as hair is removed.

Oprah Magazine ❤ the R.E.M Spring®

"..for my upper lip, when I want to make sure I get every single hair, this will be my new go-to device."

It does what tweezers cannot.

"Using the R.E.M Spring.. and the hairs are GONE. ..it always gets them out by the root — while tweezers often just break them off. This is by far the greatest feature of the tool. "

So glad I bought the Spring

"No Wax.. No Redness.. No Breakouts.. Portable. I'm so glad I bought the Spring.. This little tool is quick, effective and after the initial learning curve, pretty easy to use."

OMG! Where has this been ALLLLL my life?!!!!

"FINALLY....a solution for one of the hairiest women on earth!"

"This is Da schizz! So easy to use & no messy clean-up!"

The R.E.M Spring

Your secret weapon. Anywhere. Anytime.