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Our Story

The idea of the R.E.M Spring® was born when my sister and I looked for a simple, quick, and affordable way to remove facial hair. After testing almost every product available, we found out that:

Hair removal creams
cause burns due to the use of harsh chemicals that aren't suitable for sensitive skin.

Laser treatment
is not suitable for light, downy hair, and when it is used on such hair types, it may cause hair overgrowth.

requires visits to the beauty salon and is costly in the long run.

Various electronic devices
cause hair overgrowth as they work in a similar way to an electric shaver.

is not suitable for very sensitive skin. You cannot use it on all parts of your face, and it requires the hair to grow to a certain length.

We concluded that the simpler the product, the better it would work. Eventually, that led us to come up with the idea of a spring. When we told our friends and family about the idea, the first reactions were not so positive (to say the least) – no one believed that women would be interested in such a device. We didn't give up and pushed ahead. We attended a lot of trade shows, we got amazing feedback, and the product suddenly turned into a huge success.

We didn't start out with a background in business, but with a lot of motivation (and mistakes along the way) the R.E.M SPRING® became a success story.