Our Story

The R.E.M Spring facial hair remover was invented by two sisters looking for an easier, quicker, more affordable way to remove facial hair.

After testing Hair removal creams (cause burns due to the use of harsh chemicals that aren't suitable for sensitive skin), Laser treatments (aren't suitable for light, downy hair, and when used on such hair types, may cause hair overgrowth), Threading (requires frequent visits to the beauty salon and is very costly in the long run), Various electronic devices (cause hair overgrowth as they work in a similar way to an electric shaver), Waxing (not suitable for very sensitive skin, you can't use it on all parts of your face and it requires the hair to grow to a certain length) - it was clear - it was time for a new kind of facial hair removal method.

After many hours of research, the idea of a facial removal spring came up. Fast forward many experiments and testing, the R.E.M Spring was born:

  • Simple & Easy to use? Check
  • Works fast? Check
  • Can be used anywhere? Check
  • High Quality & Durable? Check
  • Affordable? Check


First reactions of friends and family to the idea of a spring, were, well, not so positive – no one believed that women would be interested in such a device. But seeing is believing, and the amazing results of this new invention, made a believer out of even the most skeptical of women.

Many trade shows later, and great feedback from new customers, the R.E.M Spring is today one of the most loved facial hair removal devices by woman around the world.


Explore. Believe. Love.