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The Economics of Facial and Upper Lip Hair Removal

Do women really need to spend thousands of dollars every year to meet standards of beauty that are based on unreal images of airbrushed celebrities? More and more, women are taking a stand and turning toward being more natural and living healthier lives. We developed the R.E.M Spring facial hair removal tool that works great for upper lip hair removal for real women who want to look their best naturally.

Balance Between Innovation and Insanity

Of course every woman wants to feel beautiful inside and out, but there is a line between looking your best and obsessing over society’s version of what you “should” look like to be beautiful. As our world becomes more based on technology, there are new innovations in nearly every area of life including health and beauty.

Electrolysis has replaced tweezing as a means of facial hair removal. For many it is not an option due to finances. For those who can afford it, many have become disillusioned with the results. After taking years and pouring thousands of dollars into it, some have discovered that “permanent” hair removal is a myth for them.

Lasers have become the next big push in facial hair removal, but again the results are mixed. Check into any women’s online hair removal forum and you will hear horror stories of women who spent thousands on this Holy Grail of hair removal only to realize it didn’t work for them, or worse yet, they were burned by the lasers and left with permanent scarring.

Innovative Beauty Products You Can Afford

We were just as frustrated with modern technology as the next woman. That’s when we came up with the idea for the R.E.M Spring. It is so affordable that nearly anyone can buy one. It’s a one-time purchase with no replaceable parts that need to be purchased time and again. It’s simple and requires no batteries or electricity. It’s safe and won’t burn, knick, cut, or otherwise damage your skin. Best of all, it’s effective in removing unwanted facial hair, and isn’t that the point?

We are proud to have come up with a simple solution for facial hair removal, and in particular pesky upper lip hair removal that is effective and doesn’t break the bank. No expensive replaceable blades for your razor, no more chemicals that burn your skin and have side effects we probably don’t even know about yet, no taking out loans for visits to the neighborhood laser center, no expensive hours on end over years for painful electrolysis. We have eliminated it all with the R.E.M Spring.

Upper Lip Hair Removal That Makes Sense

We understand that a woman doesn’t want to have a mustache; we get it, we really do. Does it make sense then, to burn the space between your upper lip and nose with laser treatments or chemicals that may leave you with a permanent “mustache” scar? Do you want a red, bumpy surface on your upper lip that can come from waxing? Those looks less appealing than the original hair that was there. Rather than pay exorbitant amounts of money for a risk like that, it makes more sense to spend a small amount of money one time for a R.E.M Spring that is an effective upper lip hair removal tool.

The Cost Of Upper Lip Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal products for women we know innovative beauty products because we know women. Well, to be fair, we are women! We encourage you to ditch the expensive, questionable Join our community of smart, savvy women who aren’t swayed by cheesy advertisements designed to make them feel “less than.” There’s a better, more effective, and more affordable way for you to manage facial and upper lip hair removal and it’s called R.E.M Spring.

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