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How To Avoid Bumps On The Skin After Removing Facial Hair

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Hair removal products such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, threading, and foam solutions can cause some women to have bumps on their skin after treatment. We all want to know how we can avoid getting bumps on our skin after using facial hair removal products. The top 3 ways we remove hair are shaving, waxing, and hair removal gels; each process can cause bumps, but all can be avoided if you follow the proper steps. Learn how to avoid bumps and get the smooth hair free look you want.

Prevent Bumps On Skin After Waxing

If you use a wax to remove unwanted hair on your face, the chances are their will be some irritation to your skin. This is actually a good thing, because this tells you that your body is working to heal the area that was just waxed. Taking a warm shower or using a warm wash cloth to your face for 5-10 minutes prior to waxing will warm the skin and open your pores. This will prevent irritation to the skin after waxing.

Using an at home hair removal system like waxing can result in red bumps and irritation of the skin after treatment. This is completely normal and can be treated easily by applying a cold wash cloth to your skin for 15 minutes after treatment. You want to do this several times a day and apply a pea sized amount of antibacterial ointment twice a day. This should clear up the bumps and redness and have your skin glowing in no time.

No More Bumps After Removing Facial Hair

If you have ever tried removing facial hair using a cream, most people will notice afterwards that their skin is red, blotchy, and has developed bumps. This usually happens to people who have sensitive skin and the cream is too strong, so it’s an irritant. Some ways to help prevent this are make sure you exfoliate your face and warm it up with a washcloth for 10 minutes prior to applying the cream. Follow the directions exactly and do not leave the cream on longer than intended. Afterwards, pat dry with a cold cloth and apply a small amount of antibacterial cream and take an antihistamine.

If after following these tips you still notice that you’re beginning to get bumps on your skin. Use ice cubes over irritated skin for 10 minutes and follow it with Aloe Vera. This will keep the swelling down and the aloe will soothe the skin.

The fact of the matter is removing facial hair with any products can result in some irritation and or bumps to your skin. Using simple preventative measures can greatly reduce this risk, and making sure you follow the aftercare helps as well. The best tip of all is to find a product that works for your skin type. All skin is different and everyone reacts differently to products. So do your research look into all hair removal products like waxing, tweezing, creams, and the R.E.M. Spring to see what’s best for you.

Remove Unwanted Facial Hair Using The R.E.M. Spring

Every woman is looking for an easy and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from her face. The R.E.M. Spring is just the product you’ve been waiting for. It is hypoallergenic and can be used on any

sized hair. This is a lightweight and natural product that can be used on the chin, cheeks, nose, neck area, and around the mouth. You simply take the spring, bend it into a U-shape, place on the desired area, and make small and fast movements against the hair growth. This is simple, easy, and effective; you can use this product anywhere, anytime, and as often as you’d like.

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